Gordon Snarr Farm Flooding May 7, 2009

This is a view of the damage to the Riverview golf course lower building. Now I understand why we have so much debris on our fields from the golf course.

Water is still over Hwy 75 close to the Riverview golf course just north of Morris. Could be another week before all the water is off it.

The Department of Highways has been working on Hwy 75's shoulders. Here they have piled shoulder gravel in several piles along the hwy.

Gord walks along the beach...er...median shoulder of Hwy 75's south bound lanes between road 25N and 26N.

This shows the washed out median shoulder of the south bound lanes of Hwy 75 close to road 26N. Yup there is space under the concrete...don't know how far it goes!

Lots of waves breaking on Hwy 75 today. You know you have a lot of water when you can start counting the variety of shore birds collecting along the Hwy. Today I saw a pair of American Avocets!

Whole sections of asphault have come apart and floated away. Here a big section has dropped onto the washed out shoulder of Hwy 75.

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Last updated May 10/09