Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 5, 2009

More road is showing all the time! Looking east towards the river off the back of the dike.

Culvert is still not out but you can see where the water hieght was on the dike. Water has gone down about 3.5 feet.

Looking west towards Hwy 75. The river lot fields around the yard are draining fast but there is still lots of water that needs to drain off the fields across the Hwy through culverts.

A look south towards Morris from our yard dike and the water that is still covering over Hwy 75.

The deer that were trapped in the yard now have more land to wander around on and they certainly are. This is a look north just outside the yard dike on the west side of the yard.

This is one of our noisy summer resident Merlins. They arrived as the water went up and will be here in the yard all summer. They like to dive bomb us when we work in the garden but they may be left in peace this year as the deer damage to the garden may prevent me from seeding much in it.

This is the deer tracks in the garden that have compressed our Manitoba Gumbo into concrete-clay chunks as it dries. Looks like a stampede came though and it did many times!

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Last updated May 07/09