Gordon Snarr Farm Flooding Water Level Pics.

Here is a series of pictures showing the water raising and then lowering at our dike culvert on the outside of the dike. This is the east side of the dike. The 24 inch dike culvert was closed at 07:00 on April 8, 2009 and is yet to be re-opened. The culvert steel cover plate is bolted in place and uses a rubber inner tube as a seal. It doesn't leak as long at the pressure on both sides of the plate are realively equal.

This pic was taken at 17:00 the same day the culvert was closed. Just in time by the looks of it!

Culvert almost completely under water.

Gord marked our culvert so we don't boat into it with a plastic jug tethered to the culvert on a 10 foot rope. At the hieght of the flood, we still had 5 feet of freeboard on our dike.

Water has gone down about 3.5 feet now. You can clearly see the high water mark on the dike.

The tip of our culvert is showing again!

Almost time to open the culvert again!

Culvert was opened on the morning of May 11, 2009.

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Last updated May 15/09