Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 1, 2009

I arrived to find the water crossing to be one way only and so I had to wait. Oddly enough this truck took the bad lane on Hwy 75 as chunks of pavement are missing on that side. He was travelling north on the southbound passing lane.

Heading south on Hwy 75 near Road 30N and approaching the water's edge.

Looking south on Hwy 75 between road 30N and 29N and watching the waves. The deepest part of the fording is directly ahead!

A look at the beached whales left behind by the flood as water receed from the neighbours field just north of the farmyard. Our yard and Allen Snarr's are in the background.

Thanks to Gord and Don Hamblin, we have a some what passable road 27N. Seems the RM of Morris are all at a convention in Brandon this week. Nice time to get away when there is work to do!

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Last updated May 02/09