Gordon Snarr Farm flooding April 24, 2009

A white tailed deer wades across the water to higher ground east of Allen Snarr's dike across the road from our farm.

Several pairs of ducks are now nesting on the dike. We also think a pair of geese are nesting outside the dike on some of the oat straw bales.

The veiw off the centre of the dike looking east towards the river. Still have about 5 feet of free board on the dike.

Floating bottle marks where the dike culvert is.

Sea monster floating around north of the dike.

In this shot alone there are 20 deer lined up along Allen and John Snarr's dike. As we walked around the farmyard dike the deer herded towards Allen's place. There are over 60 deer living inside the two farmyard dikes. Gord feeds them oats.

Besides the deer and various water fowl, we've got many other critters staying inside the dike with us including a couple jack rabbits, a grey partidge family and a merlin pair along with many crows and magpies.

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Last updated Apr 24/09