Gordon Snarr Farm flooding April 17, 2009

This particular log has been seen on all sides of our dike and will likely make our property it's permanent home once the water goes down. Gord has dubbed it the "Viking Ship".

An over-zoomed picture of Mervin Dueck's place taken from our dike. His place is one mile north and 2 miles west of ours.

Brian Klassen's place across Hwy 75 from us.

Another over-zoomed shot of Carl Stevenson's place and the old Evergreen Nursery that is 2 miles west and about 1/2 mile north of our place.

Over-zoomed shot of the Paterson Elevator in Morris taken from our dike.

Zoomed in shot of Morris showing both the Paterson elevator on the left and Cargill elevator on the right.

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Last updated Apr 21/09