Gordon Snarr Farm flooding April 13, 2009

Yard road access from Road 27N. Water is building now up against this road and the south side of the dike. Oat straw bales are floating and will be a total loss now.

Looking west along our dike from our access road. This area will likely be back filled with water before the day is out.

The rented electric 3 inch submersible pump was not able to keep up with the load of the snow melt and rain collecting inside the dike. A second Honda 3 inch gas pump was added.

Temporary electrical subpanel setup to run the 3 inch submersible pump and and flood light setup. (No pun intended!)

This is a very distorted picture taken by zooming in beyond the the maximum zoom on my digital camera. You can tell Gord took this pic! Standing on centre of east dike and looking west through farmyard. Shows mailbox at service road and the trees at Joe's Creek over a mile away.

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Last updated Apr 13/09