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VE4GLS's UI-View32 Web Server

(This page will automatically refresh every five minutes)

The following is a list of all the mobile stations heard on RF in the past 720 minutes.

'+' or '-' before a callsign means that it it is a UI-View station
'*' after a callsign means that it was heard via a digi

There are 9 callsigns in the list, click a callsign to get an information page for that station

CallsignSymbolLocation KmBearingLast heard
 KB0YHX-10*Kenwood46.39.93N 092.25.47W474.7128Jul 20 00:25
 KF0EN*Home44.58.07N 093.16.90W579.7147Jul 20 01:01
 N0QK-1*Digi43.48.51N 091.52.08W748.3144Jul 20 00:46
 VA3IDF-14*Truck 18wh49.43.38N 095.15.35W153.276Jul 20 02:09
 VE3LWR*Digi49.44.49N 094.20.90W217.979Jul 20 02:52
 VE3RYD-3*Digi49.16.70N 093.03.63W309.591Jul 20 00:45
 VE4HZ-9Car49.22.57N 097.21.11W3.8225Jul 19 17:28
 VE7ZSA*Car49.45.14N 094.28.83W208.778Jul 20 03:06
 WB0KUG-10*Digi45.58.03N 095.17.60W410.8158Jul 20 01:24

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