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VE4GLS's UI-View32 Web Server

(This page will automatically refresh every five minutes)

The following is a list of all the stations heard on RF in the past 720 minutes.

'+' or '-' before a callsign means that it it is a UI-View station
'*' after a callsign means that it was heard via a digi

The list only includes callsigns heard on RF, direct or via digipeaters. It does not include callsigns heard on the internet, or heard as third-party RF traffic via IGATEs. You can search for other callsigns by inputting them in the box below and clicking the Search button.


There are 12 callsigns in the list, click a callsign to get an information page for that station

CallsignSymbolLocation KmBearingLast heard
 AE5E-5*(S) Digi48.06.98N 096.11.59W164.9150May 20 05:20
 K0STK-9*Van46.50.18N 096.52.65W287.0173May 20 05:12
 VE3RMU*(S) Digi49.14.18N 094.00.40W241.293May 20 05:50
-VE4AODHome49.11.32N 097.56.66W51.6243May 20 06:08
 VE4AOD-12*Truck49.11.32N 097.56.63W51.5243May 19 19:44
 VE4BCN-1Digi49.34.96N 096.41.75W49.265May 20 05:40
 VE4EMB-3*Digi49.39.36N 095.54.36W105.974May 20 06:31
 VE4FAL-3No. Digi49.41.07N 095.16.88W150.577May 20 06:17
 VE4GIL-3Digi49.53.77N 097.08.28W56.613May 20 06:06
 VE4SMA-3No. Digi49.09.07N 097.18.74W27.7180May 20 06:31
 VE4ZIM-2*Red Dot49.41.91N 095.19.10W148.276May 20 05:51
 VE4ZIM-5*Red Dot49.41.90N 095.19.08W148.276May 20 04:21

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