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VE4CDN Repeater Info and Updates

        The VE4CDN Vhf repeater is located in Morris, Manitoba, just about
exactly between Winnipeg and the Canada/US border along the Red River.
The antenna height for the Vhf array is about 300' above ambient ground
level. Uhf yagi for the link is about 180' above ground.

NOTE! A CTCSS (PL) tone is required to access the repeater now!!

Antenna(e): Vhf: Sinclair 4 bay (commercial) Uhf: Larson 8 element yagi (450-470) Cavity Filters: Sinclair, Hybrid Ring, modified for amateur radio frequencies Feed line: Andrews 7/8 heliax with Andrews N connectors for both Uhf and Vhf Radio apparatus: VHF: Motorola MSR-2000 Duplex Tranceiver, 30w model UHF: GE Exec II mobile, Uhf version (Morris to Starbuck link) UHF: GE Custom MVP, UHF version (Morris to Winkler link)

Electrical: (Vhf only) TX Fq: 145.270 RX Fq: 144.670 Tx output power: 25 watts @ Radio, 20 watts @ filter output Rx Sensitivity (subject to temperature, etc) 0.4 uV @ 6dB s/n (approx) Current draw at operation: 8.0 amperes (UHF only) Tx/Rx in 70cm band (amateur allocation) for linking only Tx power output: 0.8 watts Rx sensitivity: unknown (better than 16 uV @ 6dB s/n) Current draw: 1.2 amperes Power supply: 12-13.8V MSR-2000 Power Supply; powers the VHF and UHF TCVRS, and the controller Back-up: 24 ampere/hour gel cell (Charger not installed yet) Controller: Link Communications RLC-4, 4-port programmable Tone Board: Communications Specialists TS-32, set to 127.3Hz Coverage: Using a 25 watt transmitter into a 5/8 antenna - or the average mobile configuration for Vhf: N to S: From south of Pembina Nd. to Winnipeg. E to W: From Steinbach to Miami. Link information: VE4CDN may be linked to the MRS Uhf backbone. That means the repeater will be connected to VE4MAN, VE4WPG/VJ, VE4MIL and VE4FAL when all the links are working properly. If the link is down, you can access remote repeaters using the *500 DTMF sequence. If the link is up, busy, and you would like to make a local contact; press *505 AFTER asking for a "break". To bring the repeater to normal (linked), press *500. From elswhere in the system use #47 as the preaccess for the CDN controller. Use the same codes for up and down; link on - #47 500 Link off - #47 505 Note: These codes access the Morris repeater controller. If you wish to remotely control other repeaters on the system see the MRS web site, or refer to your MRS repeater guide mailed out with your membership. Further information or membership can be obtained through: Manitoba Repeater Society, C/O Winnipeg Seniors Radio Club VE4WSC 598 St Mary's Road Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 3L5

Operational update:

July 2018

Repeater operation is sub-nominal due to damage to the VHF antenna array. The top element has become partially disconnected from the mast and causes noise and interference as the assembly moves in the wind and due to vibrations on the elevator head. There is also a possibility of damage to the connector between the LDF60 feedline and the antenna which may also be causing reception and noise issues.

The link to VE4MAN (Starbuck) is not currently available, the link radio at Starbuck appears to not be operational.

The link to VE4TOM (Winkler) installation is pending, subject to approval of antenna and feedline apparatus. This equipment could be installed quickly once approvals have been issued at the site.


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